Having started the repatriation of the migrant domestic workers in the year 2018 who undergo mistreatment and torture from Middle East countries, specifically Oman, Saudi and Jordan, we were faced with problems of rehabilitation. This includes accommodation and counseling, finally we saw that the immediate solution is not   the business that women can do but settlement. Therefore we decided to start a housing project for the returnees. We started with Florence Nakanjako after having a push from humanitarian groups of people that were in the International Convention in Kigali in June, 2019.


Who is Florence Nakanjako? She is an orphan; aged 38 years. Not married. All family members deserted her. Living her alone in that side of North western Buganda. Once married but husband issues not explainable. In the year 2018 she went to Oman to work unfortunately things did not move smoothly and instead the employers wanted to kill her and we decided to repatriate her back to Uganda. I pray we assist her to come out of the trauma she is in.


The project came to a standstill when we the movers came to a standstill psychologically.

But of late we have come out of the psychological standstill and decided to resume our project.

To resume we first thought hard about the sustainability of the project.

We saw some migrant domestic workers we bring back once they are here, they switch off from DOWAFA. It might not be intentional but it is because there is no abounding program that makes that returnee remain in touch to DOWAFA.


Hence we decided to come up with a Revolving Fund.  We the members contribute money and build for a beneficiary-returnee or non returnee but after a beneficiary has consented to remain a member of DOWAFA and continues contributing to the causes of DOWAFA.

The structures enforcing the commitment are already laid down by the Executive of DOWAFA. So the project will not only help the returnees but also all of us as the situation continue to press all of us relatively the same.


Finally, I request that we work as a team in order to accomplish our desired aims and objectives.

Thank you very much and I pray you invite more friends and other returnees who come back by their means, for the genuine cause.

For explanations you can contact the Executive members as you prepare to send your contribution to mobile money number +256 787 423 592 in the names of Domestic Workers and Family Justice Alliance.


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