Welcome to DOWAFA


We being a “Supermarket” of services which include but not limited to Legal, Marital, Spiritual, Economical and Health/Medical services, these services are enjoyed by our members from the same Family Justice Centre. We have identified one major problem causing disintegration of our families as Lack of communication, in FJC we organize retreats for couples where trainings and activities are conducted by our special experts and testimonies talk for us.

Our Mission

To promote family justice and defend, protect and advocate for the rights of domestic workers through strengthening dignity and fairness for millions of domestic workers.

Our Vision

A workplace where domestic workers are working under peaceful, decent, good terms and conditions of services resulting from stable families. We have researched and found out that employers from stable families will create a peaceful, decent workplace that provides good terms and services to a domestic worker.


Our Achievements


Negotiated a contact office at Ganesh Plaza, Entebbe road.

Beatings and poisonings of the migrant domestic workers by some ruthless arabs of Oman."

DOWAFA housing project

dowafa housing project

Having started the repatriation of the migrant domestic workers in the year 2018 who undergo mistreatment and torture from Middle East countries, we decided to start a housing project for the returnees. We started with Florence Nakanjako after having a push from humanitarian groups of people that were in the International Convention in Kigali in June, 2019.

The project came to a standstill when we the movers came to a standstill psychologically. But of late we have come out of the psychological standstill and decided to resume our project.